Strategic Planning

Envision a brighter future and navigate competing priorities to achieve breakthrough performance.

Today’s leaders face a multitude of challenges including the need to define a compelling vision for the future and to choose wisely among competing priorities in order to navigate a fast-moving and ever-changing business landscape. The Balanced Growth team takes a holistic approach to the challenges and opportunities our clients are dealing with and work collaboratively to achieve their desired goals. 

Balanced Growth’s Role in Strategic Planning

The reasons our clients choose Balanced Growth for Strategic Planning include:

The Balanced Growth Approach to Strategic Planning

BG uses a proven, four-phased approach for strategic planning: Discover, Design, Develop, and Deploy. BG customizes this approach to align with your organization’s unique needs.

Key Milestones

Strategic Planning Retreat

Complete the Discover phase to set the stage for the collaborative Design process (often in the form of a Strategic Planning Retreat) to cast vision, set goals and establish high-level priorities for the future.

Strategic Planning Development and Action Planning

Design and Develop the Strategic Plan deliverables including the Strategic Roadmap to depict the prioritization to operationalize the Strategy.

Socialize, Refine, and Approve the Strategic Plan

Discuss and refine the strategy with the goal of achieving organizational alignment and obtaining approval to begin to Deploy the Strategic Plan.

Key Deliverables

  • Strategic Analysis
  • Interview Findings
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • Executive Summary of the Planning Retreat
  • Strategy Map
  • Measures and Targets
  • Strategic Roadmap
  • Strategic Plan Presentation

Key Activities

Strategic Planning Retreat

The initial steps of the process are designed to understand the unique aspects of your organization and to unlock ideas for the future. This is followed by a collaborative process (often in the form of a Strategic Planning Retreat) to establish the framework for the future.

Strategic Plan Development and Action Planning

Socialize, Refine, and Approve the Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Deployment

Effective deployment enables the Strategic Plan to become a living, breathing blueprint for your organization’s future. Deployment is designed to build the necessary alignment across the organization to ensure excellence in the execution and achievement of plan objectives. Five keys to successful strategic plan deployment include:

Learn more about the Balanced Growth Approach to Strategic Plan Deployment here.

Project Management

There is a continuous effort to manage the project efficiently and to work in collaboration with your project sponsor and steering committee.

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