Strategic Planning

Envision a better future and navigate competing priorities to achieve breakthrough performance.

Today’s leaders face a multitude of challenges including the need to define a compelling vision for the future and to choose wisely among competing priorities in order to navigate a fast-moving and ever-changing business landscape. This is where Balanced Growth’s strategic expertise can help.  Our clients hire and depend on Balanced Growth’s Strategic Consulting Services to help them cast vision for the future and make well-informed choices among competing priorities. We take a holistic approach to the challenges and opportunities our clients are dealing with and work collaboratively to provide a compelling way forward to achieve their desired goals. 

Strategic Service Offerings

Strategic Planning

At any step in your strategic planning process, the team at Balanced Growth can help. Our experts have deep experience leading teams to develop and execute a mission-focused, actionable plan designed to achieve organizational objectives.

Strategy Execution & Management

It is well recognized that about 10% of well-designed strategies are properly executed. Our implementation process follows a rigorous, proven and disciplined approach to ensure the desired results are achieved. We provide the needed leadership to translate your strategy into action and drive your strategic plan through to completion.

Our services extend beyond the implementation of the strategy. Strategy management is an ongoing process of continuous planning, executing, monitoring, analyzing and assessing the outcomes. Our approach provides the tools needed to help you to complete projects, measure results over time, and adapt and evolve as necessary.

Strategic Advisory Services

If you are looking for unbiased, well-balanced advice, rooted in experience, Balanced Growth can assist with advisory services for executives, business units or leadership teams. We can help envision a desired state, set direction, prioritize strategic imperatives and optimize resource allocation to effectively execute their strategies. 

Phased Approach to Strategic Planning

BG uses a proven, four-phased approach to facilitate the strategic planning process and collaborate with your Board, Executives, Team, and other Key Stakeholders. Each phase has a discrete, co-created deliverable.


The Discovery Phase is designed to uncover the unique aspects of your internal and external environments environment, including your people, culture, and business, to identify opportunities, and to unlock fresh ideas. This is achieved through Critical Assessments that are designed to identify historical information, key industry trends, competitive landscape, and organizational direction.


The Design Phase brings the stakeholders together to envision, plan, and prioritize a better future state. This phase includes the facilitation of inputs from various stakeholder groups and the synthesis of ideas from Strategic Planning Workshops and Innovation Session(s). 


The Develop Phase is designed to finalize the work of the Strategic Planning Workshops and Innovation Sessions. This aims to complete the analysis and can include testing of ideas, implementing pilots, and developing operational and resource requirements.


The Deploy Phase is designed to build the necessary alignment, both vertically and horizontally, across the organization to help ensure Enterprise level and functional execution. BG provides training and ongoing implementation support until the organization achieves independence.

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