SE2 Project





SE2 is an leading Third Party Administrator for the Life Insurance and Annuity sector that has grown to more than $100 million in revenue since its inception in 2004.


SE2 wanted to improve its ability to price and manage the risk of its complex portfolio of service offerings and processes for the Life and Annuity industry.

Approach & Results

Evaluated a portfolio of dozens of services that consisted of hundreds of functions by conducting over 50 interviews with subject matter experts from across the company.

Repositioned the service portfolio focusing on 10 major service offerings to bring increasing levels of clarity and value to the marketplace. Documented the strategic, operational, and technology details of the major service offerings to improve the ability to scope and manage projects.

Compiled a complete inventory of annuity processes to establish a consistent baseline for pricing conversions and ongoing outsourcing services. Used the inventory of processes as the basis for a proprietary Risk Management Framework.

Facilitated a process analysis and risk management session with SE2's two largest clients - Goldman Sachs and Prudential. The session focused on process controls to mitigate operational and technology risks across key annuity processes.

Prior to starting Balanced Growth Consulting, Jason M. Bordui was the lead consultant for the business strategy and plan that led to the formation of se2. Once the business plan was defined, Jason and his team worked in partnership with SE2 through the initial start-up phase to bring the concept to market.  Balanced Growth has continued to consult SE2 on key strategic priorities.

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