Project Summaries


The Balanced Growth team has had the privilege to work alongside the leaders and staff of many outstanding organizations. These case studies help underscore the confidence and trust our clients have placed in us and represent the strengths and capabilities of our consulting services. Below are brief project summaries organized by client and industry.

Insurance and Financial Services Clients

Operations & Technology Strategy Project

Created an operational and technology strategy to maximize operational efficiency, create a modern digital customer experience, and maximize the value of data. The strategy will save the company millions while creating a new digital, channel to generate new revenue. 

Innovation Strategy Project

Led a facilitated process with executive leadership to generate new business ideas to diversify product and service offerings and to generate return from investable capital.  The process resulted in new business concepts that are progressing through a stage gate process. 


Operations & Technology Strategy Project

Developed a system of fundamental and meaningful metrics and benchmarked MWA’s current level of service. Implemented a consistent process across departments for measuring transaction volumes, accuracy, timeliness, satisfaction and other key, future metrics. Produced summary-level dashboards to establish a benchmark, and then to measure key metrics on a quarterly and annual basis.

Transformation Strategy Project

Early 2015, MWA embarked on a transformational initiative. Replacing mainframe system and implementing an array of new systems. 1. Modernization 2. Deliver service in a digital age 3. Efficiency.  

Transformation Implementation Project

Defined a vision and set of capabilities for an Enterprise Program Management Office in support of the client's transformation program.  Key competencies including the management of prioritization, resources, project approval, budget, project portfolio. Led the team to implement and mature each competency. Fully transitioned ongoing ownership of the EPMO functions to the client as part of the strategy.


Operations & Technology Strategy Project

Developed and implemented an enterprise-wide Operations and Technology Strategy that focused on building an efficient model across multiple administration platforms and product lines including annuities, retirement plans, and mutual funds. Included transforming entire processes, infrastructure, optimizing their IT group. Worked as the Strategic Program Manager for three years to transform the entire operational and technology model. Partnered with Security Benefit to devise the original business plan for SE2  and worked in partnership to launch SE2 as a business entity.


Operations & Technology Implementation Project

Redesigned service portfolio incorporating strategic, operational, and technology details. Evaluated the portfolio of services in support of the end-to-end processing of annuity and other insurance products including Operations, Customer Services, IT, Corporate Functions, and Insurance-specific processes. Documented the strategic, operational and technology details of the service offerings to improve the ability to scope and manage projects. Performed detailed analysis of processes to serve as a baseline for pricing conversions and outsourcing services. 


Operations Strategy Project

Led the analysis of nearly 500 processes across the 7 business units of the corporation with an emphasis on global sourcing. Identified various scenarios for processing the business more efficiently while managing custodial risks. The primary strategy was focused on establishing processing hubs that could serve to efficiently deliver processes such as reconciliations, reporting, analytics, and other functions. 


Healthcare, Associations and Non-Profit Clients

Digital & eCommerce Strategy & Implementation Project

Faced with frustrated parents and dissatisfied Members, the AAP needed to more readily provide pediatric health information to the public and parents.  Working collaboratively with AAP and pediatric experts, Balanced Growth developed and launched an entirely new web site,  A first of its kind, the site received acclaim worldwide winning several major awards.

Digital & eCommerce Implementation Project

The American Academy of Pediatrics launches a new corporate website in less than a year with the help of Balanced Growth’s Digital and eCommerce Services. Key services provided: Business Opportunity Assessment, New Venture Business Plan, Digital Strategy, Vendor Selection and Strategic Program Management.


Innovation Strategy Project

The Council of the American Dental Association was interested in exploring a concept for the electronic payment of health benefit plans In partnership with AspireUp, Balanced Growth developed strategic commercialization models for the electronic payment of health plan benefits. 


Innovation Strategy & Implementation Project

The AAP viewed its sponsorship program as outdated and complex to administer. Additionally, corporate relations were not being optimized and large sponsors were dissatisfied with the current program. In partnership with Balanced Growth, the AAP sought to create a program that differentiated the AAP from other associations, increased corporate recognition as a predictable component of the AAP’s diversified revenue strategy, increased value and enhanced recognition opportunities to corporate supporters in a holistic strategy.


Operations & Technology Strategy Project

In response to the emergence of Type 2 Diabetes among youth, the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) of the National Institutes of Health sought to foster research to understand and address this public health threat. Devised a strategy and set of recommendations to improve recruitment of participants to the research project. 


Additional Industry-leading Clients 

Operations & Technology Strategy Project

Phonak USA enlisted Balanced Growth's assistance with customer service and operational challenges caused by rapid growth. We conducted voice of customer research with customers and developed process improvements to enhance the customer experience.


Transformation Implementation Project

Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids (BHDF) wanted to gain market share, control costs, and improve the commercial acumen of the organization. Balanced Growth designed and implemented a Transformation Management Office (TMO) to coordinate dozens of product development, business development, and operations projects.