The Voice of the Customer

Balanced Growth Consulting recently completed our second annual client feedback survey. Called The Voice of Our Customer, this survey provides invaluable insight into how our clients perceive the services provided by our consulting company. “We are committed to gathering feedback about our services from our clients on a regular basis. Listening closely to our clients, especially in the context of rapid technological change, such as InsurTech, helps us improve our capabilities and serve our customers better.” said Jason Bordui, President and Chief Client Strategist of Balanced Growth.

The survey incorporated a phone interview of current clients using a standardized instrument. Findings from this survey were extremely positive. Some of the client comments are mentioned below.

“The Balanced Growth team is trusted at all levels of our organization. They have the unique ability to adapt to our culture and work seamlessly across many departments.”

“Balanced Growth brings significant business and industry experience to our company. They have helped us elevate our thinking and challenge how we approach our work activities.”

“Compared to other consulting firms we have used, Balanced Growth is heads and shoulders above the rest.”

“We are extremely busy here. Balanced Growth has helped us deal with highly complex operational issues and get to market faster with opportunities we have struggled with.”

“Balanced Growth brings thought leadership to our company. Stuff gets done because of their partnership with us. Our customer experience is going to improve and our costs are going to go down as a result of this partnership.”

Balanced Growth Consulting is a consulting firm serving the insurance, financial services, healthcare, and association industries. We specialize in Innovation, Operations, Digital Strategies, and Transformation and have helped create enduring value for our clients and the customers they serve.