Balanced Growth Leads Strategic Planning Retreat for Client American Venous Forum

Balanced Growth Consulting (BG) recently led the Strategic Planning Retreat for its client, the American Venous Forum (AVF). The 2-day retreat, held in New York City, included members of the Board of Directors, several past presidents, other leaders, and four staff for a total of 23 participants. 

Incorporating BG planning methodologies used with other clients, John Forbes, BG Principal, served as the main facilitator for the retreat. Significant up-front effort was made to gather stakeholder input, conduct market/member research, and analyze trend data to inform the agenda for the retreat so that meaningful and focused discussion could occur. Dr. Harold Welch, president-elect of the AVF, chaired the retreat.

Following a vigorous discussion and validation of the mission and vision of the AVF and a review of the AVF’s recent history, the participants broke into five working groups each with an area of strategic focus. The groups were charged to creatively and open-mindedly come up with ideas that would enhance member benefits, help the AVF grow efficiently, and move the AVF towards its envisioned future as the world’s leader in venous and lymphatic disease. 

According to Forbes, “The retreat was very successful. Our discussions were authentic, and sometimes vigorous, but always leaning toward creating a better AVF. I was very proud to represent BG in this important effort.”

The next steps include the development of the final report and the review and approval by the AVF Board of Directors at its June, 2019 meeting in Washington, D.C. Following approval, the strategic plan will be operationalized, executed at the Committee and staff levels, and progress monitored on a regular basis.