Balanced Growth Consulting Visits the Polsky Center

Balanced Growth Consulting recently visited the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Chicago with the leadership of our major clients, the American Enterprise Group (AEG). The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation drives venture creation and technology commercialization within the University of Chicago and the surrounding community. Through education, partnerships, and new venture support, the Polsky Center advances the knowledge and practice of entrepreneurship and accelerates the commercialization of research.

According to Jason Bordui, President and Chief Client Strategist of Balanced Growth, “The Polsky Center delivers world-class research and innovation capabilities that are making an impact throughout the world. Connecting our clients to the power of an innovation ecosystem like Polsky helps fulfill our mission of creating significant value for our clients and their customers.”

For many years, Balanced Growth has helped clients develop their operational innovation and strategic innovation capabilities to improve business performance and to enable net new growth.

Balanced Growth Consulting is an innovation consulting firm serving the insurance, financial services, healthcare, and association industries. We specialize in Innovation, Operations, Digital Strategies, and Transformation and have helped create enduring value for our clients and the customers they serve.