Balanced Growth Consulting Sponsors the Chicago Innovation Awards

Balanced Growth Consulting is pleased to announce it has joined the Chicago Innovation Awards as a Corporate Member.

The Chicago Innovation Awards is a year-long series of events and activities with one overarching mission — to accelerate the growth of innovation in the Chicago region. According to Luke Tanen, Executive Director of the Chicago Innovation Awards, “Balanced Growth Consulting is joining the Chicago Innovation Awards community at a very exciting time in our 15-year history. 2016 was a record year in terms of the number of award nominees and the number of in-person attendees at our innovation events. We are excited to have Balanced Growth Consulting join us as we celebrate, educate, and connect innovators across the Chicago region.”

For over ten years, Balanced Growth Consulting has been helping create value for clients and their customers through its innovation consultation services. According to Jason Bordui, President and Founder, “We are thrilled to be joining the Chicago Innovation Awards as a corporate member and being part of the creative spirit of the Chicago region. Through our work we have seen first-hand the impact innovation has had in accelerating growth with our clients. We look forward to collaborating with Chicago’s community of innovators to help drive economic growth and job creation across the region.”

Balanced Growth Consulting is a consulting firm serving the insurance, financial services, healthcare, and association industries. We specialize in Innovation, Operations, Digital Strategies, and Transformation and have helped create enduring value for our clients and the customers they serve.