Balanced Growth Congratulates Catholic United Financial for Reaching a Historic Milestone!

Catholic United Financial (CUF) has been a client of Balanced Growth (BG) for 2 years and we want to congratulate CUF on their historic milestone of reaching one billion dollars in total assets for the first time in their 141-year history! BG is proud to be associated with CUF. We recently facilitated the development of a newly formed enterprise, Conventus Now, which combines resources from CUF and another BG client into a shared technology platform.

It took CUF 126 years to build $500 million in assets, a milestone passed in 2004. Doubling that sum took only 15 years, despite the still-lingering effects of the Great Recession which drove down interest rates through most of those years. Today, both assets and surplus are at all-time highs.

Despite the mass of its accrued assets, CUF is essentially a financial not-for-profit cooperative. After operating expenses are paid and reserves set aside, remaining funds are reinvested or returned to membership through dividends, charitable contributions and fraternal benefits. The Home Office directed more than $2 million to fraternal causes in 2018 alone, through its network of local outreach groups.

President Harald Borrmann and Senior Vice President Michael Ahles shake hands after announcing the company reached $1 billion in assets on Nov. 11, 2019

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