Unleashing creativity to bring bold, new business ideas to life.

The leaders at Balanced Growth have led many successful innovation initiatives. We actively collaborate with our clients to help turn ideas into solutions that create enduring value for the organization and its customers.

Innovation can occur at both the strategic level and the operational levels resulting in new organizational capabilities. 

Strategic Innovation is innovation that drives growth. It may involve new technologies, game-changing products or services, or strategies that lock in competitive advantage. Larger investments, carefully evaluated, are typically made when strategic innovation is being considered. Our approach to Strategic Innovation is articulated below.

Operational Innovation is innovation that impacts the bottom line. It may involve dramatic improvements to business processes, new ways to delight customers, or investments in people that help create a high-performance culture. Targeted investments, aimed at multiple business improvement opportunities, are typically made when operational innovation is being considered.  Our approach to Operational Innovation is articulated on the Operations page.

Strategic Innovation is initiated by active collaboration and progresses following a disciplined stage-gate approach.

When the Balanced Growth team is selected to pursue new innovations, we follow a disciplined process called the stage-gate approach. At each stage-gate a comprehensive and objective evaluation occurs before resources are released to the next stage.

Innovation Service Offerings

Innovation Strategy

Discover fresh ways to create value and meet customer needs through cultivating an innovative mindset, envisioning new solutions, and commercializing adjacent business opportunities.

Executive Innovation Sessions

At any step in your planning cycle, the experts at Balanced Growth can lead innovation sessions to generate high-impact, actionable ideas. We help our clients establish a culture of innovation that fosters, and even rewards, new ideas. Through this process an innovation pipeline is established.

Business Opportunity Assessments

The team at Balanced Growth is highly skilled in evaluating new product and service concepts. We use a proven stage-gate process to help our clients evaluate alternative business models, choose between competing opportunities, and enable decision-making to establish a clear, future direction. The best ideas move to business planning.

New Venture Business Plan

Balanced Growth leaders are adept at bringing net new capabilities to life using a rigorous planning process. This process includes comprehensive business and economic models, key strategies for marketing, sales, distribution, operations, technology and risk management.  

Envision a new future with Balanced Growth, the innovation experts.