Key Milestones of Balanced Growth


Jason Bordui joins Bricker & Associates, an Operations Improvement Consultancy in Chicago.

1992 - 1998 

Jason serves numerous insurance, financial services, and healthcare clients on process, technology, and organizational design projects.


Bricker is acquired by Keane (now NTT Data) in 1998 to provide a national and international platform for its consulting services.

1998 - 2005

Jason serves the insurance & financial services industry and is selected by the CEO to lead methodology development on behalf of the parent company.

Jason leads an Operations and Technology Strategy for a client that delivers benefits that are so substantial that the client decides to launch a new company on the platform. Jason leads the development of the business plan and formation for this new entity, which today is the leading service firm in the industry.

Jason completes his tenure at Keane (now NTT Data) as a Senior Vice President and Managing Director with a reputation of delivering world-class service to industry-leading clients.


Balanced Growth is founded on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and completes its first full year in business.

2006 - Present

Balanced Growth serves multiple clients with a focus on the powerful intersection of its three domains of expertise – Innovation, Operations, and Transformation.

Early in his career Jason develops A Holistic Approach to consulting. From his vast experience, Jason designs a unique methodology, the BG360 Method, which is used on every project. 

Balanced Growth devises a consumer Web site strategy for a leading healthcare association. Balanced Growth leads the design, development, and deployment projects and launches a new Web site. Today, the digital property has become the leading Web site of its kind in the world.

During this time, Balanced Growth develops a deep expertise in the digital and eCommerce domains via a series of successful projects.


Balanced Growth celebrates 10 years in business with a focus on four domains of expertise – Innovation, Operations, Digital, and Transformation for Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Association/Non-profit clients.


Jason Bordui celebrates 25 years in the consulting business.