Creating digital capabilities to serve customers in the ways they want to be served.

The leaders at Balanced Growth are helping our clients develop digital strategies that streamline processes, increase operational efficiency, and inspire customer engagement and retention.

Successfully navigating the digital transformation – thinking, acting and becoming digital – is critical.

The digital transformation occurring globally requires organizations to redesign many critical areas just to remain competitive. In many cases, customer expectations are outpacing existing organizational capacity. Digitally mature organizations are leveraging their digital assets to provide them with unmatched insight into the expectations and behaviors of their customers. These organizations are generating greater value for themselves and their customers at a faster pace.

The Balanced Growth consulting team is helping our clients evolve digitally by intelligently integrating their digital strategy with enabling digital technologies, organizational capability, and multi-channel digital marketing. This combination, we call the essential elements of a digital strategy, is helping our clients improve top-line and bottom-line performance and evolve as more powerful, progressive organizations. 

Essential Elements of Digital Strategy

Digital and eCommerce Strategy

Reaching customers when and where they wish to be reached requires businesses to communicate hyper-efficiently across multiple channels (traditional and social media) and multiple platforms (web and mobile). The Balanced Growth team understands how to optimize the use of these channels and platforms to enhance our clients’ brands and customer connectivity. As part of our value-based services, we design and implement commercialization strategies that generate revenues from digital assets while reducing complexity for their customers.

Customer Experience Design

The leaders at Balanced Growth are adept at helping our clients design and develop solutions, informed by customer insights, to achieve breakthrough customer experiences while improving efficiencies, reducing costs, and decreasing time to market. We take ideas from the drawing board, to prototype, and then scale the best ones that gain competitive advantage.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Strategy

The proliferation of mobile devices and the dramatic growth of social media are transforming the way organizations manage customer interactions and data through the customer life cycle. Delivering cross-channel customer experience through an integrated CRM system is how we help clients improve customer engagement and retention and drive sales growth with new customers. The Balanced Growth team is experienced at helping our clients achieve a “single view of the customer” where may different data sources can be seamlessly accessed and organized. 

Digital consulting services provided by Balanced Growth have helped our clients:

  • Build the next generation of digitally-inspired solutions
  • Deliver digital at scale
  • Improve customer experience across all customer touch points
  • Select best-fit technologies
  • Personalize marketing campaigns
  • Deepen their understanding of their customers by harnessing data efficiently
  • Leverage their data assets to generate new revenue streams
  • Increase agility, speed, and scale by unlocking digital value
  • Explore new frontiers of value that improve how customers are served
  • Extend relationships with customers
  • Unlock innovations that solve complex problems faster and pinpoint emerging opportunities

‚ÄčUnlock unexpected value with a digitally-inspired strategy.