Consulting Services

On every project, with every client, the Balanced Growth team is focused on our mission – to create enduring value for our clients and their customers.

Balanced Growth provides premium consulting services to clients seeking to significantly improve their operations and business performance on behalf of their customers.

Our Approach

To create enduring value for our clients we use a holistic approach involving process, technology, organization, and data to solve highly complex business problems, navigate large-scale change initiatives, commercialize ideas, and improve customer engagement and experience.


We help our clients improve operational processes to enhance the engagement and experience of their customers while increasing efficiencies that contribute to both top-line and bottom-line performance.


The Balanced Growth team has the functional and technical experience to help our clients select best-fit technologies and leverage existing technologies to support critical business needs.


Key to our consulting services is how we interact with client leadership teams and cross-functional units. We work seamlessly across organizations to execute large-scale change initiatives that improve performance and create both client and customer value.


Data is an asset that must be leveraged and optimized. We help our clients capture timely and accurate data, access data efficiently, and use data for better decision making. 

Our Methodology

Each of our projects follows a proven methodology we call the BG360 Method


We invest heavily on the front end of an engagement (the discovery phase) to understand and clarify our client’s strategic priorities and business objectives.


In this phase, we work collaboratively with our clients to design possible solutions, develop and test the most-likely-to-succeed solutions, and help deploy the solutions that generate the expected results.


Following a go-live or launch event, we provide follow-on support to unlock the full business potential of our client’s improvement initiative. 

Learn more about the BG360 Method.

Our Custom Consulting Services

Our custom consulting services are focused in four domains: Innovation, Operations and Technology, Digital Customer Experience and eCommerce, and Transformation. Implementation activities across each of these domains are inextricably linked to our client’s overarching strategy. Each of our service domains offers a number of customized consulting services.  


Creating sustainable value in today’s marketplace requires organizations to establish a culture that inspires both strategic and operational innovation. We help our clients unlock creativity to commercialize ideas, improve efficiency, and meet emerging customer needs.  

  • Innovation Strategy and Implementation
  • Executive Ideation and Framework Creation
  • Business Opportunity Assessment
  • New Venture Business Plan

Operations and Technology

The global economy of the future will demand that organizations maximize operational efficiency, operate with the lowest costs possible, and optimize the use of existing and emerging technologies. The Balanced Growth team works side-by-side with our clients to improve processes and leverage technologies that drive operational excellence, competitive advantage, and sustainable value.

  • Operations and Technology Strategy and Implementation
  • Business Process Design and Architecture
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Vendor Selection and Management

Digital Customer Experience and eCommerce

Organizations that have embraced the digital transformation occurring globally are generating greater value at a faster pace. Enhancing customer engagement, retention, and recruitment is how the leaders at Balanced Growth help our clients succeed in this digital age.

  • Digital Strategy and Implementation
  • Customer Experience Design (CX/UX)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Enterprise-level transformation can be a massive undertaking often involving a high level of complexity, a significant commitment of resources, and a lengthy transitional process. A wrong direction taken or an organization unprepared for change can be extremely costly. Using our skills with enterprise architecture and enterprise program management we help our clients achieve their desired future state goals.  

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Program Management

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