ADA Project





The ADA represents the nation's 157,000+ dentists and is a highly credible voice in oral health.


A Council of the American Dental Association was interested in exploring a concept for the electronic payment of health benefit plans (project performed in partnership with AspireUp).

Approach & Results

Conducted a multiple phase project to assess various payment card and technology concepts based on success criteria such as strategic fit, market need, economic viability, and feasibility.

Conducted 57 interviews to obtain qualitative customer and market feedback, and analyzed the interview results to determine the viability of the product concepts and to recommend a course of action for further concept evaluation and development.

Developed various models and internal requirements to commercialize the concept including a clear set of realistic hurdles that would be have to be achieved to make the concept a reality.

Conducted multiple presentations with the Council and ADA leadership to gain organizational input and guidance on the concept.