Balanced Growth has been a strategic consulting partner of the AAP since 2008 with the goal of generating new sources of revenue while creating value for its members and the parents and patients it serves.


The AAP is an organization of 60,000 pediatricians dedicated to the health and well being of the nation's children.  The AAP was looking for new ways to add value to members and generate revenue for the Academy through new business ventures.

Approach & Results

Balanced Growth (BG) completed an Opportunity Assessment to determine the potential for delivering Practice Management services to members and the pediatric profession.  BG recommended a Portfolio Strategy to add value and generate sustainable revenue through multiple sources including publishing, online services, education and training, and diagnostic consulting.

A 'Fast Track' Business Plan for Pediatric Coding services with an emphasis on launching online Webinars and 'On Demand' Workshops.  The first implementation was a series Coding Webinars including topics such as Electronic Medical Record issues, ICD-9 (and ICD-10), and Newborn/Neonatal Coding.  The 'Fast Track' Plan has generated hundreds of thousands in profit since its inception.

BG also developed a Business Plan for Integrated Practice Services including Medical Home Facilitation, Practice Economics, and Operational Efficiency & Quality Improvement.  Working with the AAP, BG created an industry-leading innovation called the Digital Navigator.  The Digital Navigator is an industry-leading product concept built upon the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of primary care.  The Digital Navigator will be delivered in a Software as a Service (SasS) model and is designed to transform medical practices.  The software will also help practices save considerable amounts of time in the process of applying for medical home recognition administered by organizations such as NCQA. 

Prior to the Practice Management services projects, Balanced Growth completed a Digital Opportunity Assessment to identify and evaluate the feasibility of a Consumer Web Site for child health information for the AAP.  BG created the Business Plan for the new online venture to serve consumers and generate millions in sustainable revenue.  The AAP Board approved the Business Plan and BG led the effort to launch and manage the award-winning and best-in-class HealthyChildren.org.